Visa Refusal Management Service

Did you recently encounter a denial for a visitor visa, study permit, work visa, or permanent residency? Such rejections are often due to easily preventable mistakes. You must include vital information or critical documents to ensure your application process and avoid visa refusals.

Despite visa denials being more common than you might imagine, handling them can be highly complicated. But don’t worry! We have just the right solution for you. Our certified Immigration Consultants are dedicated to enhancing your chances of success for your next Application, no matter the complexity of your case. We’re here to support you!

Our skilled immigration professionals will obtain the Official Notes from your previous Application to Immigration Canada. These will be closely examined to identify any area that requires improvement, followed by an in-depth review of your past Application.

You might be in a loop if you’ve been navigating the visa process without fully understanding the reasons behind your denial. Whether you’ve been dealing with the Application independently or through an unregulated agent, it’s crucial for us to review your Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) records. This will provide us with the necessary insights to effectively advocate for you, establish a persuasive argument, and boost your chances of success.

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  • Contact us for a comprehensive assessment. There are over 60 legal pathways to migrate to Canada, we will be glad to explore all options available with you. Book a consultation with us to determine the program that best suits you.
  • Never be discouraged with a lower language score! There's always room for improvement if your language scores are low, there are You can do it! Language assessments can always be improved. Do not get demotivated if your language scores are lower. There are countless free youtube language training that could help you to improve your score.
  • Be proactive, make all required documents available on time. Failure to submit when needed could have affected your application negatively
  • Carefully, review your application before submission to avoid unnecessary mistakes that could cause you a 5 years ban for misrepresentation.

Restoration of Status 

Every non-Canadian individual entering Canada must secure a specific visitor, worker, or student status. This status grants them the right to remain in Canada for a predetermined time. It’s crucial to only apply for a status change within this designated stay duration.

Restoration of Status is applicable if a foreign national loses their immigration status because their permit has expired, and the Application for restoration is submitted within 90 days of the expiration date. The temporary status can only be restored while the individual is physically present in Canada.

Suppose you need to apply for a renewal of your existing status or a status change before the expiry of your current status. In that case, you must exit Canada before applying to return.

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