Permanent resident status in Canada gives you the ability to live in Canada permanently, have the same rights as Canadian citizens, except the ability to vote or run for office.


There are over 60 different ways to immigrate to Canada with unique eligibility requirements and application processes. For that reason, each individual’s path to Canadian immigration will be unique.


Canada is the land of immigrants known for its unique public support for immigration. Every year Canada welcomes millions of immigrants from all corners of the globe.  Whether it’s to pursue a high-quality education, to feel secure with free universal healthcare, or to benefit from Canada’s high quality of life, Canada is the place for you


  • Contact us for a comprehensive assessment. There are over 60 legal pathways to migrate to Canada, we will be glad to explore all options available with you. Book a consultation with us to determine the program that best suits you.
  • Never be discouraged with a lower language score! There's always room for improvement if your language scores are low, there are You can do it! Language assessments can always be improved. Do not get demotivated if your language scores are lower. There are countless free youtube language training that could help you to improve your score.
  • Be proactive, make all required documents available on time. Failure to submit when needed could have affected your application negatively
  • Carefully, review your application before submission to avoid unnecessary mistakes that could cause you a 5 years ban for misrepresentation.